PRE DestinY Tube 001

DestinY Pre-Amplifier - second-rate-choise

The DestinY Amplifier with 4 signal inputs shines with compact measurements and sophisticated techniques.
By using SMD components the tube pre - amplifier gets its small -size measurements.
Therefore the signal paths are extremely quick and it causes only a light inductance.
A high- quality and completely moulded toroidal transformer avoids extraneous radiation and pre-amplifier section.
The separate fitting of power supply and pre-amplifier section guarantees a very high signal ratio.
Because of the 5670 pre-amplifier tube you get a dynamic but smooth and harmonic acoustic pattern.
Functionally,our headphones output is fitted with a separate volume control, therefore you can use headphones of high-ohm without any problems.
A special gimmick is our amplification factor - that can be managed by 4 dip switches on the underside.
By the aluminium front and the massive rotary buttons our DestinY Tube Pre-Amplifier fascinates in combination with its stylish appearance.

For amateurs of hardware:
We use high- quality parts only like:
Alps Potentiometer,MKP Wima capacitors, TI OPA2604, TI LM 7805/7915, TI LM317/337, FC JRC5532,FC BC550/560, FC B D139/140, NEC Relais

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Frequency response 20Hz(-0,4dB) – 20kHz (-0,5dB)
S/N ratio ≥113 dB
Input sensitivity 0.2V
Output impedance 10-600Ohm
Preamp Tube JAN 5670
Dimensions 260mm/ 60mm/ 200mm
Gross Weight 3,1kg