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The nostalgia and the tone colour of a vinyl record in combination with a modern design and premium quality technique.

In the late 19th century it was possible to enjoy the grandiose arrangement of an orchestral music outside a concert hall by using acoustic-mechanical recording or playback units – a new era was born.

The stannic foils phonograph, invented by Thomas A. Edison, 1879 patented and offered for the first time the record and playback of a gramophone record. 1887 Emil Berliner invented the gramophone- a prototype of a record player. A needle scanned the waved lines of the lines, embossed in a round record and sent the lateral movements via level control to a membrane.

The basic principle is still the same. Via a forkhead the vibrations recorded by a bi-bevelled (finely sharpened) and polished diamond, at the edge of the needlepoint, go to a transducer that converts the vibrations into potential. The weak electronically powers are equalized and amplified.

A lot of music enthusiasts prefer the analogue sound of a record to a CD or another digital format.

The record is incomparable to another medium deeply connected with the first attempts to record or playback music. But one century later this black disc fascinates – the unique technique becharmed the listeners.
With our new collections of record players we continue the unique experience to listen to music and offer a wonderful new tonal and optical experience.
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