Company Milestones

DestinY Audio is your partner for affordable high-end audio products!

Established in 2006 in Germany by audio experts for the European market we not only sell products. We can develop and repair audio products too.

In 2016 we moved our new main office to China to be able to ship internationally and can reach all of our suppliers within few hours. We can now ship to the most countries in this world.

Between our own DestinY product range, we can also offer all products from our long-term partners Yaqin, MeiXing/MingDa, bada-Audio, JF Digital, Qinpu, MSUR, FFYX and SKW.
If you are interested in a special product we do not list on our website feel free to send us a message. We do our best to find your product!

If you are a business customer and need some audio product development and/or arrange production we can do this for you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Continuously forward...

First business partner from Yaqin and bada Audio companies outside Asia
 Start first development of tube amplifier with a partner from France
Second development of two amplifiers and one preamplifier with a partner in France
Development to renewing the CD player range
First business partner from JF Digital company outside Asia
Start development of three turntables with a partner from Japan
First production run of the next generation audio streamers
First production run of the turntables
Introducing audio cables
Big update for three of our tube amplifier product range
First two developments for other brands
Introducing Qinpu mini Hifi Systems
Moving to our new and much larger office in Germany
Developing and production for new audio streamers generation
Several developments for other audio brands
Start a business with Hitek group for low-end audio
Opening an office in Guangzhou/ China
First business partner from MSUR company outside Asia
Start selling our products to America and South Africa markets
Start selling our Destiny product range to Asia markets