JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio
JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio
JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio
JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio
JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio
JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio
JF DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter - DestinYAudio

Jing Feng DestinY MX-DAC Pro Digital to Analogue Converter

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The JF DestinY MX-DAC - a true High-End Converter

We have more than ten years of advantage of producing audio streamers. Most of our players have a build-in D/A Converter. The D/A converter is the most expensive and complex part after the CPU decoder. So our units can be used as a player or a converter. In fact, our customers got always two units.

Within all the years we used different decoding chips like PCM1792, CS4398, WM8741, ES9018 and AK4495. Some of our OEM buyers, like Opera-Consonance or ShengYa, also prefer their own converters. We found out that the architecture of various decoder chips and the design of the digital filters is different. The WM8741 has a more emulated sound, the sound of the CS4398 is very transparent, the ES9018 is very dynamic and straightforward, the vocals with the AK4495 sounds very nice.
However, there is no D/A converter which can compatible with all styles of sound. Until we received the first batch AK4497 last year for an OEM customer we start loving its sound. The chip has some basic characteristics of various chips in vocal, dynamic and analytic.
We decided to make our first stand-alone D/A converter. We are working at this time on the MX-1 streamer, the previous version of the MX-Pro. Finally, we decided to call it the MX-DAC.
Although there are many different decoder models on the market and the competition is fierce, we are still very confident about the performance of the MX DAC.
The MX-DAC perfectly matches our MX-Pro streamer!

Hardware architecture
Dual AK4497+FPGA decoding +XMOS + ultra low phase noise dual clock 32Bit/384KHz+ DSD512

Each AK4497 core power supply is powered by the ADP151 and LP38798's the best ultra-low noise linear regulator. The left and right channels are independently powered. The core power supply noise is <1 uv.

XMOS+FPGA clock system
The FPGA is a programmable logic chip that performs clock shaping & PLL digital shaping to ensure Jitter and Bit Perfect performance. The USB interface uses the XMOS XU208 chip, the processing capability reaches 1000Mips, and the XMOS is an asynchronous clock. The XMOS+FPGA clock system has a powerful jitter debounce suppression and clock recovery capability. The jitter performance can reach 4.6ps. The requirements do not need to be too high, the actual test as long as the use of low phase noise crystal jitter performance has been done very well.

The whole machine adopts 2 levels of voltage regulation and 6 sets of ultra-low noise LDO power supply. Each chip is independently powered to ensure mutual interference and extremely low ripple noise.

D/A conversion
The dual AK4497 decodes the parallel output for better density and greater dynamics, supports six digital filter options, supports phase selection, and 99-level volume adjustment.

Analogue output
Really fully balanced output architecture, the op-amp circuit is unified with a single op-amp, using socket mode, easy to replace different styles of op-amps. It is a pure class A amplifier circuit with full discrete components.

Headphone output
High-power Class A amp output (980mW/32Ω) using fully discrete components.

Playing audio is actually playing power. The interference noise in the mains power grid is increasing. The power filter board can effectively filter the harmonic interference caused by power pollution, make the background quieter, and improve the sound, hard and intolerant. The problem is to provide a clean and pollution-free power supply for the whole unit.
The transformer uses a metal shield to effectively prevent space electromagnetic wave radiation from interfering with the circuit board.

Custom display
Customized high-brightness large display, visual display of various information, including code rate, sampling rate, volume, channel status, filter status, phase display, remote control operation. The display is very clear up to 3 meters.

Aerospace-grade aluminium, one-piece aluminium alloy casing.
- grinding - polishing – 200 times sandblasted.

If you have questions about the functionality of the device contact us.

We are official reseller, service and development partner of JF since 2010!

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