DestinY KT120 SE
DestinY KT120 SE
DestinY KT120 SE
DestinY KT120 SE

DestinY KT120 SE

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The DestinY KT120SE— A new definition of reference

Accurate in combination with a powerful sound. These qualities define our KT120SE amplifier in Class A technology. Powerful with our new KT120 power tubes. By the powerful KT120 tubes this unit is the better and cheaper alternative to e.g. 845 s tube systems. Because of its 20 watts output per channel this unit is suitable for loudspeakers from 89 dB/m efficiency. The typical and accurate single ended sound with its extra concerning the precision for the low-frequency range is predestined for style directions like pop, rock, metal or electronic music. The chassis of our DestinY KT120SE in New Age Look set new standards in the design of amplifiers. The curved front part with the VU meters fitted next to the loudspeakers is designed clearly and timelessly beautiful. We integrated the equipment feet in the angled side panels. This gives the unit a secure and elegant footing. You can use the amplifier in the triode- or ultra-linear mode to guarantee optimal and individual ways of listening. Additionally, we integrated a Bluetooth module, that enables a wireless pure pleasure of listening to music. But of course, this KT120SE has got three RCA signal inputs. We combined a new element in this unit: each channel works with a separate rectification by 5UA4G tubes to guarantee a precise power supply. The start-up delay ensures safe and reliable operation. Our DestinY KT120SE is equipped with selected and Tung-Sol power tubes and Electro Harmonics pre- and rectifier tubes produced in Russia.

Extent of delivery: KT120SE, tube cover, power cord, operating instructions, high-quality remote control made of aluminium.

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Power output 2* 20W RMS (8 Ohm) ultralinear
2* 14W RMS (8 Ohm) Triode
Frequency response 15Hz – 40kHz (-2dB)
S/N response ≥91 dB
Input sensitivity 0.275V
Tubes 2* KT120
3* 6SN7
2* 5U4GB
Dimensions 400mm/ 230mm/ 425mm
Gross weight 28,5 kg