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  • Amari LP-62s Record Player - DestinYAudio
  • Amari LP-62s Record Player - DestinYAudio
  • Amari LP-62s Record Player - DestinYAudio
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Amari / DestinY Audio

Amari LP-62s Record Player

Normaler Preis
$5,999.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$5,999.00 USD
$5,999.00 USD

The Amari LP-62s is the flagship of the high-end series, with a much thicker platter and multi-layer sandwich plinth, it brings the dynamic and noise isolation to the new height. Dual motor systems and precision speed control ensure platter spin at a precise and stable speed.

The LP-22s, the LP-32s and the LP-62s will be available in totally black colour, see our news area. We are talking about the last details with the raw material vendors at the moment. This players will be avaialble approximatly end of August. We will order a limited batch of components only because we have to fully prefinance them. So if you are interested in this record player please contact us. We will put your name on the reservation list. Maybe we will not list the player regualary on our website.

- Multiple layers of aluminium and birch sandwich plinth
- 130mm 14.7kg Aluminum Platter
- 12 inches Tonearm with adjustable VTA base.
- Oil well and adjustable magnetic levitated bearing, ensure smooth rotation and less bearing noise.
- The ceramic bearing shaft is smooth, hard and long-lasting.
- Dual external 12V 3W AC motors which are stable, low noise and flutter.
- Separate Electronic speed control, 33 and 45rpm can be separately fine-tuned.
- Adjustable aluminium feet
- Grs 5 digit high precision real-time speed monitoring system
- Audio Technica AT-95E MM Cartridge

The tonearm is available in silver and black color.

Following accessories is also included
- Turntable mat
- Record clamp
- Turntable alignment disc
- Amari stylus tracking force gauge
- Bearing oil
- 24V DC power supplies

Weight: 52kg
Dimensions: 600x450x270m
Platter Weight: 14.7kg
Pivot to Spindle Distance: 292mm
Overhang: 13.6mm
Tonearm Effective Length: 305.6mm
Standard VTA: 23 degree
AT-95E Tracking Force: 1.5g-2.5g
Speed Monitoring: Grs 5 digit high precision real-time speed monitoring system
Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 650mA

This item will be shipped directly from our warehouse in China.
Delivery time 20 to 30 days.
Price includes shipping costs.
We deliver tax paid to the following countries.
This item will be shipped in TWO packages!

If you have any questions about this device please contact us.

We are official reseller and service partner of Amari since 2015!