Company Milestones

DestinY Audio is your partner for affordable high-end audio products!

Established in 2006 in Germany by audio experts for the European market
We can develop and repair audio products too.

In 2016 we moved our new main office to China to be able to ship internationally and can reach all of our suppliers within few hours.
We can now ship to the most countries in this world.

Between our own DestinY product range, we can also offer all products from our long-term partners Yaqin, MeiXing/MingDa, bada-Audio, JF-Digital, Qinpu, MSUR, FFYX and SKW.
If you are a business customer and need some audio product development and/or arrange production we can do this for you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Continuously forward...

First business partner from Yaqin and bada Audio companies outside Asia

 Start first own development of a tube amplifier with a partner from France

Second development of two amplifiers and one preamplifier with partners in France and Canada
Development of renewing the CD player range

First business partner from JF Digital company outside Asia 
Start development of three turntables with partners from China and Japan

First production run of the next generation audio streamers with Linux operating system 
First production run of the three turntables
Introducing audio cables

Big update for three of our tube amplifier product range

First two developments for other audio brands
Introducing Qinpu mini Hifi Systems

Moving to our new and larger office in Germany

Developing and production for a new Linux audio streamers generation

Starting business with Amari turntables 
Several developments for other audio brands
First business partner from MSUR company outside Asia

Starting a business for low-end audio
Opening our office in Guangzhou/ China

Starting the first development of a Mini HiFi System
Start selling our products to the American and South Africa markets

Start seeling FFYX turntables
Introducing our first Mini HiFi System

Start selling our Destiny exclusive product range to Asia markets
Introducing the new MX-X Android-based streamer generation and MX-DAC 

Opened our own production line for low-end audio in Dongguan
Added the complete product range of famous Amari/ Hanss Turntables

Restore the supply chain from our suppliers after the pandemic. We were one of the first officially operational companies after the pandemic!
Developed two new products for our business customers
Continuously progress for our B2B consulting services for foreign companies in China
Became a member of the German Chamber of Commerce in China

Moved to our new and larger office location in Science City at Huangpu Development District. One of the top leading technology locations in China and worldwide
Became a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in China
Launched our consulting business service for special product sourcing and product development.

Opened a second company and office in Kowloon/ HongKong for business consulting services