Questions about our products

Q: I have a question/ questions concerning a unit. Whom should I approach?
A: It is not easy to choose the suitable unit. We will answer all questions before and after your purchase. You can get in touch with DestinY by phone or e-Mail. 

Q: Have I to install the tubes and have I to recalibrate the tubes?
A: No, you haven’t. On delivery all units are tested technically and optically. Every unit is pre-assembled and recalibrated. After delivery you only have to unwrap and to connect your unit.

Q: How often do you have to tune the bias current?
A: If there are variations of the amplifier you can notice roar in your loudspeaker. But if there is no roar or change of an output tube a readjustment will not be necessary. For a readjustment you only need a multimeter measuring device and small technical experience (low voltage measurement). The adjustment points are on the top side of the amplifier. So the amplifier must not be opened and allows you an easy and safe adjustment. 

Q: Why have tube amplifiers another sound as transistor devices?
A: It depends on the typical features of tube amplifiers. Tubes produce harmonious musical distortion – the most listeners like it.

Q: Why are your units cheaper than others?
A: Exclusively, we use direct marketing (house-to-house distribution) and we do not make use of excessive advertising budgets.

Questions about tubes

Q: What about the useful life of the tubes?
A: Tubes, especially output tubes have a wear out. Power tubes, we do offer, possess a useful life of 5.000 operating hours. A daily use of 4 hours means a durability of 3.5 years. The durability depends on the frequency of your power on/off use. You can compare it with the use of incandescent lamps. The smaller input tubes have an estimated service life between 10.000 and 100.000 operating hours. But in general tubes are more sensitive and more inefficient than transistors.

Q: Are tubes more expensive?
A: Because of advanced methods of manufacturing, the manufacturing of tubes is less expensive than in former times. Our service includes replacement tubes. DestinY sells at cost price, it only sells to existing customers.

Q: Are there any differences between tubes, that were produced in former times or are produced currently?
A: Technically old and new tubes are similar. The hype of new old stock <NOS> is rubbish.
Only the tube sellers like them very much because their profit of such kind of tubes is fantastic. 
Better have a nice dinner with your other half and your money is invested much better!

Q: Every tube is suitable for every amplifier?
A: Yes it is – but only if you have a technically adequate substitute you’ll change. But if you change an output tube you will have to readjust.
Notice: Damages based on false or defective tubes or a faulty alignment are a breach of warranty.

Q: If only one tube is defective do I have to replace all other tubes, too?
A: No. As long as the other tubes do not show any kind of wear you only have to replace the defective one.

Questions about our service

Q: What happens in case of defects?
A: We have got a local repair and assembling shop to do repair work. Please contact us for the advice of return.

Q: Guarantee?
A: We offer a guarantee of two years. Tubes are wearing parts (see above) and are subject to a guarantee of three months. Tubes, installed in a unit, e.g. hybrid amplifier, are subjected to a guarantee period of 2 years.

Q: Do you offer methods of tuning for DestinY products?
A: All products are manufactured according to DestinY’s demands. Therefore a tuning is not necessary. 

Questions about other products

Q: What about the sound of the cords?
A: Specialty cords provide a good connection and stop errors. Nothing else!


Q: We offer different payment options.
A: You can use cash in advance by bank wire transfer, Payoneer or credit card.

Q: Settlement made in instalments?
A: For further information have a closer look at left navigation bar. Pending payment in full the units are a property of DestinY!

Q: Is a nonbinding test possible?
A: No, it isn’t. Because of our logistics we cannot offer this service. But if you are not content with one of our products, you can give it back. In this case you have to stick to the legal regulations, i.e. on time.

Questions about to order

Q: How can I order my DestinY product?
A: You can order from our shop, by e-mail or phone.

Questions about dispatch

Q: Delivery charges
A: Postage and packing for Europe and the US are included. 

Q: Shipping time
A: See the shipping notice below the product description. 
Q: May I pick up my DestinY products?
A: Yes, of course. Please contact us for date arrangement.

Further questions

Q: We are a company and like to buy an OEM or ODM unit -> Possible?
A: Yes, it is. OEM or ODM products shouldn’t be a problem for DestinY. The products if necessary will be fitted due to the technical and legal regulations of the destination.