About the products

Tube Amplifiers

Since the beginning of the 20th century the electron tube has fascinated and it is still fascinating. Since the  50th the transistor technology replaced the electron tube, but it's still alive and connected with music.

The tube amplifier gives an incomparable clear and sparkling sound for the guitars or it provides an overdriven crunchy sound only produced by a tube amplifier. And a lot of legendary songs, living on the characteristic crunchy sound, are only produced by a tube amplifier.

Nearly unchanged, musicians love the tube amplifier because of its unique sound. Who has played his Strat with a tube amplifier doesn't want to miss it.
The tube amplifier, considered subjectively offers better properties of sound.

How does it work? / What are the reasons?
Electron tubes produce because of their typical characteristic curves another characteristical distortion factor (spectrum of harmonic) than a semiconductor.

A harmonic has got an integer multiple of a base frequency. Listener prefers even-numbered harmonic because they are warmer and more comfortable.

A tube amplifier offers besides a high attention to detail in the body of sound (that's important for an unmistakable acoustic pleasure) a special visual experience.

High-quality produced materials in combination with the glowing electron tube give our "DestinY tube amplifier" an extravagant appearance. Solid manufactured aluminium parts equip a valued and comfortable haptic.

The nostalgia of the tube technology is combined with modern electronics and precious design. DestinY is focused on the unique sound of the tubes. High-quality tube amplifier combined with payable prices.

Our matter of concern is your satisfaction.

We want that you buy an optimal tube amplifier fitting to your Hifi-system and suitable for your physical conditions. If you are interested, please contact us!

Hybrid Amplifiers

"The Advantages of two worlds..."

The DestinY Hybrid Amplifiers combines special components of a tube amplifier with a transistor amplifier.

The tube preamplifier in combination with a transistor power amplifier offers you a more efficient output power. Especially loudspeakers with a lower level of efficiency are supported by this capacity because these ones need more power.

Besides hybrid amplifiers produce less heat and are suitable for a Hifi-System in a rack construction.

CD Players

120mm in diameter, 1,2 mm high and 16gr in weight. 1981 the "Compact Disc" was represented at "Berlin Radioshow". It developed to the most popular kind to record /save and display music. 

Pits and lands on the spiral tracks with a length of 6km (3,7miles) ensure, that your music is saved well and can be displayed whenever you want. Without contacting the scanning of the CD is done by a "Laser-Interferenzdetektor".

It is easy, intensive of dust, a compact size and actually the popular medium to enjoy our music.

The focus of DestinY is the sound. Therefore it is important to use high-quality materials and an attractive design combined with the inner parts of a CD-player.

High-class components as a Philips-Servosystem (Philips – the inventor of the compact disc), Sony-Laser Units or the high-quality DA-converter of Burr-Brown and Cyrrus logic gives a maximal grade of quality.

Besides we offer you a CD-player that is compatible with a Hifi-Rack system.

If you like an extravagant toploader CD-player, that enables a comfortable access from atop you'll get it with our players.

Our CD-players are an optimal supplement to our amplifiers combined with a sound that opens new dimensions.

Audio Streamer
Our audio streamers offer you a lot of opportunities for playing digital music.
Besides the access to the network, driven by LAN or Wi-Fi, you can connect hard drives or USB memory sticks.
Because of the digital inputs, you can use our streamers as a digital and analogue converter.
Our streamers can be controlled by remote control or APP.


The nostalgia and the tone colour of a vinyl record in combination with a modern design and premium quality technique.

In the late 19th century it was possible to enjoy the grandiose arrangement of an orchestral music outside a concert hall by using acoustic-mechanical recording or playback units – a new era was born.

The stannic foils phonograph, invented by Thomas A. Edison, 1879 patented and offered for the first time the record and playback of a gramophone record. 1887 Emil Berliner invented the gramophone- a prototype of a record player. A needle scanned the waved lines of the lines, embossed in a round record and sent the lateral movements via level control to a membrane.

The basic principle is still the same. Via a forkhead the vibrations recorded by a bi-bevelled (finely sharpened) and polished diamond, at the edge of the needlepoint, go to a transducer that converts the vibrations into potential. The weak electronically powers are equalized and amplified.

A lot of music enthusiasts prefer the analogue sound of a record to a CD or another digital format.

The record is incomparable to another medium deeply connected with the first attempts to record or playback music. But one century later this black disc fascinates – the unique technique becharmed the listeners.
With our new collections of record players we continue the unique experience to listen to music and offer a wonderful new tonal and optical experience.


Big music in a personal style! Besides my lovely tube amplifiers and the suitable speakers we present you a wonderful alternative to enjoy your favourite music only you in your private atmosphere. Nothing will disturb you and this wonderful moment.

But your environment shouldn't share with you these moments and perhaps is not amused to share these moments – therefore our headphones are your best friend.

We offer you for your headphones a high-quality amplifier and an excellently created a headphone rack. Enjoy these unforgettable moments with the equipment of DestinY Audio.


Cable & Accessoires

Only high-quality loudspeaker- and signal cables guarantee a current noise-free connection between your several Hifi- devices -besides they can be an optical highlight for premium audio equipment.