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  • FFYX TB25MK3 Turntable - DestinYAudio
  • FFYX TB25MK3 Turntable - DestinYAudio
  • FFYX TB25MK3 Turntable - DestinYAudio
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FFYX TB25MKIII with A182 Tonearm

Normaler Preis
$2,399.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$2,399.00 USD

around two weeks.TB25MK3 Turntable 2019 Version

See how a new TB25MK3 is born in our new video.

Technical parameters:
Equipped with a magnetic bearing
mm thick pattern with aluminium turntable
mm thick crystal acrylic base with double-shock design
Big feet with spring to reduce vibration
Turntable axial, radial swing <0.03mm
Speed error <0.1 turn
Up with three tonearm
Tonearm board can be customized for a variety of tonearm
(Comes with one tonearm board, A182 10´ tonearm included, A182 12´tonearm optional)
3 years warranty

FFYX A182 Tonearm

Four-point high precision bearing
VTA height indication
Wheelbase relative amount indication
Through the rear knob to adjust the tracking precision
Top screw adjusts side sliding
We can offer 10" and 12" version for this record player.

Technical parameters:
VTA Adjustable Accurately

10-inch version
Pivot to spindle: 233.5 mm
Effective length: 250 mm
Overhang: 16.5 mm

12-inch version
Pivot to spindle: 295.6mm
Effective length: 308 mm
Overhang: 13.2 mm

Input voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
Speed error: <0,1 per turn
Turntable radial/ axial swing: <0,03mm
Maximum installed tonearms: 3
Dimensions: 508w *440d* 180h (without motor)
Net Weight: 28KG
Gross weight: 32KG

This item will be shipped directly from our warehouse in China.
Delivery time around two weeks.
Price includes shipping costs.
We deliver tax paid to the following countries.

If you have any questions about this device please contact us.

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