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FFYX T202 Turntable + 182 Tonearm

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$2,999.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$2,999.00 USD
FFYX T202 Turntable with 182 Tonearm

FFYX A182 Tonearm

Four-point high precision bearing
VTA height indication
Wheelbase relative amount indication
Through the rear knob to adjust the tracking precision
Top screw adjusts side sliding
We can offer 9", 10", 12" version.

Technical parameters:
VTA Adjustable Accurately

9-inch version
Pivot to spindle: 222 mm
Effective length: 237 mm
Overhang: 15 mm

10-inch version
Pivot to spindle: 233.5 mm
Effective length: 250 mm
Overhang: 16.5 mm

12-inch version
Pivot to spindle: 295.6mm
Effective length: 308 mm
Overhang: 13.2 mm

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