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FFYX T1804a Air Bearing Turntable + AA25 Air Bearing Tonearm

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$3,299.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$3,299.00 USD

FFYX T1804a + AA25

Turntable part: the aluminium alloy turntable with a thickness of 60mm is used for precision turning on the surface with a diamond knife, and then chemically polished, so the surface is very smooth.

The 60mm thick solid aluminium alloy turntable has a good moment of inertia, which ensures the stability of the rotation.

Bearing part: T1804a adopts a new modified air bearing, which is more convenient for installation and higher in rotation precision.

Base part: using a 60mm thick solid high-density plate, with aluminium alloy frame + rubber shock absorber, can provide excellent anti-shock effect!

Tonearm: AA25 air-bearing straight-line tracking tonearm.
- Air-bearing straight-line tracking tonearm
- Slideway non-glossy design, not afraid of dust will not clog pores
- Ultra-quiet micro-pump, can be placed directly in the listening room
- Superior tracking ability, 0.5g needle reduction can also be normal tracking
- VTA precision adjustable 
- Third Generation super quiet pump
- Voice quiet, completely not hear the noise
- Large pressure exhaust uniform
- Pump Input voltage: AC100-240V-50/60Hz

Motor and control part: the use of the touch panel, in theory, can be infinite life. Real-time speed display can intuitively monitor the real-time speed of the turntable!

The motor uses the newly developed control system, the speed is accurate and stable, 33 and 45 can be switched on the panel directly, and can be fine-tuned.

Size: 450 w *350 d *160 h (without motor)
Weight: 20KG

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