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FFYX PH-3 Pre Phono Amplifier

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$1,799.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$1,799.00 USD
$1,799.00 USD
FFYX PH-3 Pre Phono Amplifier

This is the older MK1 Version of the PH-3. Its very good and much more affordable then the MK2 version. So we decided to offer this product also in the future as long as we have parts to produce it!

MM input impedance: 47K
MM input capacitive reactance: 100pf
MM gain: 46dB
MC input impedance: 30 ohm-500 ohm (Not fit impedance > 1 kOhm)
MC gain: 22DB+46DB
RIAA EQ: 0.1%
Output drive: 600 ohm
Input port: 1 group MC, 1 group MM
Convert MM/MC through a touchscreen
At the same time can connect 2 arm
Also can connect a step-up transformer  at the MM port to support 2 MC cartridges
Output port: 1 group RCA (shoot-through), 1RCA (capacitive coupling)
Power consumption: 15W

Input voltage 220-240V (can be customized 100-120V)

Size: length 430mm * height 68mm (including feet) * depth 305mm

Net weight: 4.2KG

Safe wood packaging weight: 10KG

This item will be shipped directly from our warehouse in China.
Delivery time around two weeks.
Price includes shipping costs.
We deliver tax paid to the following countries.

We are official reseller and service partner of FFYX!