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FFYX Air Floating Audio Rack

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$3,299.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$3,299.00 USD

FFYX Air Floating Audio Equipment Rack (we call it the "The Porn Rack" :-) )

The design of optical detection platform, built-in four position sensor, four airbags, when a certain angle because of force changes or other causes of the position change, such as increased, then through the position sensor will make the corresponding airbag discouraged operation, also, if the corresponding will become low the airbag is inflated, so as to realize the active suspension! This active shock avoidance effect is far superior to passive shock avoidance.

The four angles horizontal angle adopts precise differential head, not only supporting the hardness of the head but also lifting the corresponding foot to 1/500 millimetres so that it can achieve a very precise level adjustment.

Size: 550*460*120mm   Weight: 21 kg
Carrying capacity: 100 kg
2 Boxes,gross weight: 38kg


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