DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28
DestinY HD-28

DestinY HD-28

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HD-28 - The Monolith reloaded!

Greek: μονόλιθος a single massive stone or rock, solid metamorphic or igneous rock.

The case is like a safe combined with very fine electronic components, the finest ones that are available.

A solid cover that slips backwards, gives you access to the drive the blue lighting of the CD drive opening takes care of a brilliant and unbelievable atmosphere.

The inserted CD is fixed by a puck. The HD-28 works with a high-precision and fine-detailed digital-analogue converter of Cirrus Logic – at the moment the best converter. The Philips servo-system and Sanyo-laser unit guarantee the best display.

Besides a lot of possibilities for connections are available. The HD-28 has got professional XLR outputs, a coxal digital output, a conventional chinch output and a chinch for a tube output stage. The tube output is fitted with two selected 12AU7 tubes.

A clear-cut design, high-class electronic components and the fascination about an unforgettable sound – that's the HD-28 Monolith. Only manufactured for Individualists.

Extent of delivery: HD-28, power cord, audio cable, operating instructions, high-quality remote control made of aluminium

This item will be shipped directly from our warehouse in China.
Delivery time 10 to 15 days.
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Power output: Unbalanced 2V ±0.5dB
Balanced 4V ±0.5dB
Frequency response: 10Hz - 20kHz (±0.5dB)
S/N ratio: >114 dB
distortion factor: <0.005%
Power input: <70W
Dimension: 430mm/ 135mm/ 400mm
Gross weight: 15 kg