Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio
Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio
Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio
Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio
Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio
Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio
Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player - DestinYAudio

Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player

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Bada PH-15 Mini CD Player

Although digital audio has been quite popular, it is also popular and convenient, sometimes make you can't concentrate on an appreciation of music, in the face of a lot of free stuff, is more of browse music, every capital to a result is failed to appreciate the music.
Is already very mature music CD carrier, through 30 years of development, the content of the music comprehensive, rich music lover has generally collected more of their favourite CD disc, the CD is not only good quality, and exquisite packaging, track information is complete, you can learn more about the background of the music and the recording experience more fun.
Leisure weekend, a cup of beautiful tea, play a favourite CD, light fragrance and beautiful melody blend, leisurely and carefree, is how light and pleasant!
The PH-15 CD audio player creates beautiful music for fashionable space. The appearance is delicate and solid. The chassis is made of thick aluminium alloy structure, the fuselage is very stable, and has the excellent shock absorber, which lays a good foundation for the replaying of pure and beautiful sound. The curved face of the panel is designed with a fine display.
The internal layout of the machine tightly organized, two pieces of circuit board around the vertical installation respectively, E type power transformer is vertically installed on the rear panel, and the power input most close, can reduce energy consumption and reduce the power circuit disturb, make music clear and clear.
PH-15 CD player with two coaxial digital output, easy to match high-quality decoder, simple and direct, restore high-quality music. The WM8524 decoder chip is used to realize the digital analogue conversion. The circuit adopts DC servo direct pair output, the frequency response is flat, and music is balanced.
Power supply circuit is simple but is fully considered the independence of the digital and analogue part, adopt effective back coupling circuit, bypass capacitors with high quality, to its minimum interference, restore clear music.

Just like the high-end models, fully consider the shock absorber factor, properly configure the power supply, the small CD player can also replay the satisfactory sound.
When the PH-15 decoding amplifier is matched, the coaxial digital output is recommended to be connected, and the digital/analogue conversion can be realized with a more precise decoder with the PH-15 decoding amplifier.

1. SANYO laser head, data reading is fast and accurate.
2. Type E transformer is supplied with power, and the sound is thick and natural.
3. Two coaxial output, a set of analogue output.
4. Compact structure and reduce sound dyeing.

Dimensions: 218mm*270mm*66mm
Net weight: 4.8kg

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