MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD
MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD
MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD
MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD
MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD
MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD

MeiXing / MingDa MC-500 CD

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Characteristics of MeiXing / MingDa MC500-CD

  • With USB input
  • Serve circuit is provided with Phillip SAA 7824 chip
  • CS4398D/A switch box is used
  • OPA2604 is used as high-quality filter circuit to thoroughly remove digital signal and resume the original music signal
  • It is provided with high-class vacuum tube (2 x 12AU7) analogue amplifier circuit, for excellent reproduction
  • A top-level capacitor is used as vacuum tube coupling
  • Eight groups of independent voltage regulators are used for power supply, with little interference, strong driving power and rich music details
  • With coaxial and optical fibre digital signal output of one group respectively, RCA and balanced audio signal output of one group respectively.
  • Top level WIMA capacitor is used as the LC filter circuit of the power supply, to purify power supply and make the background of music clearer.
  • The vacuum tube is preheated and stabilized for twenty minutes before entering the operation mode after the player is turned on.
  • Its excellent up frequency treatment brings the 44.1 kHz sampling frequency of CD signal to 88.2 kHz or 176.4 kHz, to make the reproduce audio signal closer to the original analogue signal, to thoroughly remove digital sound and produce a toning effect comparative to LP analogue player.

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Upsampling: 2 times, 4 times 2 levels.
Frequency response:20Hz~20KHz±0.5dB
Range of dynamics: >100dB
SNR: over 110dB (A-weight)
Channel separation: >98dB(1KHz)
Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.05%
Output lever: 2.3V±3dB
Consumption power:≦60W
Dimension: 430mm (W) x 100mm (H) X 330mm (D)