DestinY HD-19 MK
DestinY HD-19 MK
DestinY HD-19 MK
DestinY HD-19 MK
DestinY HD-19 MK
DestinY HD-19 MK

DestinY HD-19 MK

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The new DestinY HD-19 MK delivers a true audiophile performance for an impressive price.

Are you looking for a high quality and easy to use CD player with a classic design for your Hi-Fi rack?  Our HD-19MK is the perfect device for you. The clear and elegant design of the DestinY HD-19MK is combined with a new and reliable slot-in drive with an excellent error correction.
So you can insert your favourite music without an inconvenient CD tray.

The digital to analogue conversion is driven by an established 24 bit 192kHz CS4392 chip from Cirrus Logic and is connected with an audiophile 12AU7 tube output stage, or if you prefer, to a conventional operation amplifiers stage.

Because of the big and massive toroidal transformer the distortion is only 0,005%. An excellent signal to noise ratio from 110dB, more than 100 dB dynamic range, and a very low jitter error rate are an impressive quantity of top-class performance.
The case of the DestinY HD-19MK guarantees low resonances and excellent properties of sound. This solid construction is completed by a massive front panel made of aluminium with a viewing window for the tube.

If audiophile performance is not enough for you, the DestinY HD19MK will offer you a tube output stage and a conventional solid stage output, a coaxial digital output and a high-quality remote control made of aluminium with a standby function.

Extent of delivery: HD-19, power cord, operating instructions, high-quality remote control made of aluminium.

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Power Output 2,2V ±0.5dB
Frequency response  10Hz - 20kHz (±0.5dB)
S/N ratio >110 dB
Distortion factor <0.005%
Power input <30 W
Dimensions 430mm/ 110mm/ 350mm
Gross Weight 11 kg