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Bada Audio

Bada PH-15 Mini Amplifier

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$599.00 USD
Normaler Preis
$599.00 USD

Bada PH-15 Mini HiFi Amplifier

Digital audio source is more and more widely, Bluray player, HD set-top boxes, CD turntable, etc., in order to achieve high fidelity, will depend on the decoder converts digital signals into analogue audio signals, the performance of the decoder is very important to the influence of sound. Although the decoder's index is important, its details and precision and power system configuration are more important. Many decoders pursue high speed and high resolution but lack music thickness and emotion. With the classical CS4392 decoding chip, the Bada PH-15 uses mature technology to properly allocate the supply of power supply, and carefully calibrate it to achieve the simulated sound of pure and beautiful listening.

PH-15 combined type design, such as coaxial, optical fibre, USB rich digital input port, still take nondestructive Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and all the RCA analogue input can be very convenient and modern audio source connection, a family of HiFi music system. The USB port is specially designed for the computer, the use of high-quality playback software can play the hard disk of the lossless music, convenient and practical. The power amplifier is a module with an excellent index and soft voice, with high precision step volume adjustment, and the balance degree of the two channels is less than 0.1db. Power supply configuration of the special workmanship, high-quality ring transformer core, electrolytic capacitor filter circuit, low interference, fast and adequate energy supply, ensure the music details is clear, good transient response and restore natural beautiful music.

The radiator uses the whole aluminium block CND processing, the chassis is solid, the resonant sound is less, guarantees music's innocence. With the combination of advanced surface sticking and classical discrete components, the signal path is short, the loss and interference are small, and the indicators and listening senses are excellent.

Exquisite display screen
Exquisite display screen, circular panel, with elliptical cooling holes, elegant and fashionable. The amplifier can be placed horizontally and vertically to suit your music space. The remote control function, with the headset outlet, you are the music command, let the music free.

1. Classic CS4392 decoding chip, carefully calibrated to achieve the sound of pure beauty.
2. With the digital input port of coaxial, optical fibre and USB, the highest support is 24bit/192kHz.
3. There is the FM radio function, with non-destructive Bluetooth connection, and all the way RCA analogue input.
4. The USB port is specially equipped for computer, and the high-quality playback software can play the hard disk's lossless music.
5. The power amplifier adopts the module with an excellent index and soft voice, and the volume is controlled with a high-precision step.
6. High-quality iron core ring transformer, electrolytic capacitor array filter, fast energy supply, music details clear, sound natural.
7. Pay attention to details, with the shortest path wiring, grading ground line layout, with minimal interference.
8. The amplifier can be placed horizontally and vertically to suit your music space. Remote function with a headphone output.

1* analogue RCA
2* digital coaxial
1 digital optical
1* USB
1* Bluetooth
1* FM Radio
1* Speaker
1 Headphone

Output power: 2* 35W (8 Ohm)
Power consumption: 160W
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (+-0,4dB)
Signal to Noise ratio: 87dB (A-weight)
Distortion: <0,02% (20W 1k)
Bluetooth Range: 10m
Dimensions: 218mm*270mm*66mm
Net weight: 4.8kg

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